RF DC Sputtering

RF DC Sputtering Unit

    Specifications of RF DC Sputtering Unit

  • High Vacuum Pumping module
  • High vacuum chamber with top and bottom demountable flanges used for sputtering and glow discharge
  • Magnetron cathode : All the sputtering cathodes are mounted in the sputtering chamber for sequential operation and the cathodes are suitably partitioned so that cross contamination of the target is prevented
  • SS substrate holder in the sputtering chamber to mount the substrates.
  • Substrate Heater with temperature and measurement controller through PID and Thyrister controller.
  • RF power supply with auto tuner for RF magnetron sputtering and facility for substrate training and DC power supply for DC sputtering
  • Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor with water cooled Crystal Feed through and control console to house all the power supplies, drives, controls and indications
Vacuum Pumps Turbo pump 400 lps + Rotary pump 250 lpm
Chamber 450mm dia X 300mm H
Magnetron Cathode Kurt.J.Lesker / US Gun make, Mode : RF And DC Sputtering
RF Power Supply 230V AC, Single Phase, Auto tuner
Target Size 3" and 1.33" (2 No each)
DC Power Supply 1 KW, 1KV, 1 Amp Max

VEC Solutions was founded in 2010 in Bangalore, India.

VEC Solutions was founded in 2010 in Bangalore, India. The Company has become one of the major manufacturers of vacuum systems and equipment, having supplied to many customers in universities and government...

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